Official Selection

The Official selection short films for 2019 were decided by the festivals screening panel of surf industry personalities including Craig ‘CPL’ Levers, Gavin Bisman, Jono Smit and Amber Jones.  Over 4 weeks of deliberation the screening panel worked their way through 30 film submissions to decide on the official selection. A diverse mix of New Zealand and international surf films have been selected by the panel and is sure to amaze audiences with spectacular surfing, in depth documentaries and unique experiences. Feature films were invitation only.


Emocean – Tony Harrington (Australia)

Rail Road – Gustavo Imigrante (Portugal)

Nevertown  – Dave Rastovich/Andrew Buckley (Australia)


Something About Time – Cam Haylock (NZ)

Airgarn – Hello Zukeen (NZ)

Dusty Daze – Guy Macindoe (NZ)

Life of Glide – Tim Manning (USA)

Tan – Alena Ehrenbold (Switzerland)

Isla de los búfalos – Gabriel Novis (Brazil)

Salt Of The Earth – Dean Saffron (Australia)

Lunar Cycle – Andrew Kaineder (Australia) 

From Lost To the Desert – Chechu Pajares (Spain)

North Sea Holes – Lewis Arnold/Chris McClean (UK)

Phenomenality – Lucas Jatoba (Australia)

I Am Home – Aljaž Babnik (Morocco)

Way of Life – Blaze Hunter (Portugal)