2024 Official Selection

The Official selection short films for 2024 were decided by the festivals screening panel of surf industry personalities including Craig ‘CPL’ Levers, Gavin Bisman, Christy Prior and Amber Jones.  Over 4 weeks of deliberation, the screening panel worked their way through 37 film submissions to decide on the official selection. A diverse mix of New Zealand and international surf films have been selected by the panel and is sure to amaze audiences with spectacular surfing, in depth documentaries and unique experiences. Total length of the programme is 2.5 hours.



Astronaut in The Ocean, (AUS) – Keith Malloy
Length – 11min 13sec 

Almost Pumping (NZ) – Isaac Chadwick
Length – 16min 58sec 

Beard Goat, a Goat Shed’s Creation (NZ) – Fernando Jara
Length – 11min 11sec 

Blow In (IRELAND) – Andrew Kaineder & João Tudella
Length – 8min 23sec 

Outer Edge of Leisure (AUS) – Andrew Kaineder
Length – 14min

Over The Undertow (NZ) – Cassia Walton & Lauren Crerar
Length – 15min 24sec 

Stoker Machine (HAWAII) – Darieus Legg
Length – 12min

Synchronism (USA) – Scott Wynn & Elley Norman
Length -3min 33sec 

Wai is the Yang (NZ) – Chris Clark
Length – 13min 45sec

Wall of Skulls – The Story of Teahupo’o (FRENCH POLYNESIA) – Benjamin Ono & Nash Howe
Length – 17min 41sec 

Through the Doggy Door + Wai is the Yang.
Length – 1 hr 30mins 

THROUGH THE DOGGY DOOR revolves around the story of Sheldon Paishon, a talented surfer who was born and raised on the rugged shores of Oahu’s Westside. Far from an idyllic Hawaiian paradise, the community has been ravaged by drugs, poverty and the long reverberations of colonialism. At the age of 12, Sheldon’s parents lost their house and the family was homeless, living out of a tent for the remainder of Sheldon’s adolescence.

With a deep drive to overcome all odds and live out his dream of professional surfing, Sheldon battles through the harsh realities of being homeless. Eventually he is taken under the wing of popular pro surfer Mason Ho, who recognized his immense talent and helps guide him through a world he’s seen very little of. Can Sheldon capitalize on the opportunities afforded him and become a pro surfer or will the relentless pull of poverty be too much to overcome? The film aims to inspire and ignite a deeper conversation about the realities of homelessness, the struggle of poverty in Hawaii and the importance of self–belief.

*Please note, this film references drugs and sex.